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Apple speeds up refund times

The company is providing refunds through its online store in less than a week, compared with 10 days previously.


Apple customers are getting refunds sooner than they had previously.

Customers who want to return their online-ordered products through the company's Web store are receiving refunds in under a week. Previously, Apple guaranteed refunds in 10 days.

According to Reuters, which earlier reported on the story, Apple started offering the quicker refunds in November, but it was believed to be a temporary offer at that time. Instead, the measure is permanent and is designed to improve the overall shopping experience for those who buy Apple products online. Apple's hope is to draw more customers to its own store, rather than competitors like Amazon.

The secret to Apple issuing refunds more quickly is shipping time. Apple is now allowing customers who want to return a product to the online store to use two-day FedEx shipping. It previously took longer to get products back to Apple.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment on the report. We will update this story when we have more information.