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Hilarious '90s Apple sneakers start at $15,000 at auction

A rare pair of Apple-branded kicks could bring in some big bucks at an auction stoked by retro '90s computing nostalgia.


Dress like you still use a Macintosh II.

Heritage Auctions

It's the go-go days of the early '90s. You work for Apple. You receive the most awesome of employee perks: a sparkling white pair of Apple-branded shoes emblazoned with the classic Apple rainbow logo. You are the most fly person to ever rock footwear. 

All these years later, a pair of those sneakers is going up for sale through auction house Heritage Auctions.

If the photos are any indication, the shoes look pretty much unworn. They are a US men's size 9.5. There aren't exactly haute couture, but they fit in with the fashion of their time

Heritage notes, "These sneakers were produced by Apple exclusively for their employees in the early 1990s." Sneaker specialist StockX authenticated the shoes.

The kicks are currently listed on eBay, but will go under the gavel during a live auction on Sunday. Heritage is also accepting online bids. While the bidding starts at $15,000 (£11,600, AU$19,900), Heritage believes the vintage shoes could go for as much as $36,000 (£27,800, AU$47,750). 

This isn't the first time a pair of these sneakers went up for sale. In 2007, a pair (size 8.5) fetched a mere $79 on eBay. What a difference a decade makes.