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Apple snags iPad trademark from Fujitsu

Fujitsu registered the trademark in 2003, but Apple bought it just in time for the iPad launch next week.

When Apple first announced the iPad, it did not own the trademark on the name. Now, after some negotiating with Fujitsu, it does, and just in time for its touch-screen tablet to go on sale next week.

The blog PatentAuthority tracked down the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office document Friday that shows Fujitsu turned the iPad trademark over to Apple officially on March 17. Though it's not disclosed, we can assume that Fujitsu was compensated in some way for assigning that trademark, which it has owned since 2003, to Apple.

Here's the document showing Apple's ownership of the iPad name:

Apple iPad trademark
Screenshot by Erica Ogg/CNET

This isn't the first time Apple's had to do some legal maneuvering to get its hands on the trademark for a name it wanted to use. It came out before the introduction of the original iPhone that Cisco actually owned the trademark on it. When Apple announced its first cell phone as iPhone in early 2007, Cisco waited a week before suing.

The two companies were able to work it out, eventually agreeing that both could use the name for their products; for Apple a smartphone, and for Cisco, a VoIP phone.