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Apple shows off third-party editing apps on the new iPad Air 2

Apple used newly developed photo- and video-editing software to help showcase the power of the new iPad Air 2's A8X chip.

Tim Stevens/CNET

At the company's keynote today, Apple spent a good deal of time talking up the new iPad Air 2 's A8X-powered hardware, and put a pair of third-party editing apps front and center to help show off what it's capable of.

The first is an iPad port of Pixelmator, an award-winning photo editor for Mac from Lithuanian developers (and brothers) Saulius Dailide and Aidas Dailide, the latter of whom stepped onto the stage to give a quick demonstration of what Pixelmator's capable of doing on an iPad Air 2 -- namely, making an inconveniently located oryx disappear from a sandy, Arabian desertscape.

Tim Stevens/CNET

The second app, Replay, is a video-editing tool that's designed to enable users to create rich video experiences on their iPads without needing them to know a great deal about editing. Developer Jeff Boudier pointed out that with a custom rendering engine, Replay is able to run up to four times faster on the iPad Air 2's A8X chip than on the A7. Replay's developers were also quick to highlight the app's "volumetric lighting" feature, which adds dynamic lens flare-like effects to existing footage.

Shutterbugs can look for Pixelmator for iPad to make its debut in the coming weeks. Replay is already available for free in the App Store, with new features designed specifically for the iPad Air 2's hardware coming by the end of the month.

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