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Apple shows off iPhone 5s camera technology

Apple takes the 5s to the Burberry fashion show to demonstrate the camera and video capabilities of the phone.

At the launch last week, Apple made much of the camera quality on its flagship iPhone 5s, both for still images and video.

The iPhone 5s takes centre stage. (Credit: Burberry)

To highlight the camera capabilities of the 5s, the company paired up with fashion label Burberry and, overnight in London, the iPhone 5s was present to capture the full glory of the label's Spring/Summer fashion show.

The results are available on the Burberry site, including the video stream of the show, which we're told was shot entirely on the 5s' native video app, along with FiLMiC Pro and TurtleHead Pro.

Of course, there were the now nigh-obligatory Instagram shots as well, although we're not sure if the filter really helps get a sense of the image quality:

A little more interestingly, Apple showed off a feature that allows users to place slow-mo sections in video, again using Instagram:

Finally, there's even a vine showing off some design sketches from the show:

The Apple 5s (and 5c) goes on sale Friday morning from 8am AEST. Both Telstra and Vodafone have announced pricing on plans, with Optus and Virgin pricing expected soon. Stay tuned for a full review of the iPhone 5s. In the meantime, here are our hands-on impressions from the launch event.