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Apple settles with third alleged Tiger leaker

Mac maker, which had sued three men over leaking prerelease copies of the OS X version, reaches pact with final defendant.

Apple Computer has settled with the last of three men it said leaked prerelease versions of Mac OS X Tiger onto the Internet.

The company confirmed on Wednesday that it has reached a pact with David Schwartzstein, who had been a member of an Apple developer group.

In December 2004, Apple sued three men, as well as unnamed others, in federal court in San Jose, Calif. The company said the men had posted developer versions of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger onto BitTorrent file-sharing servers ahead of the software's official release. It settled one of the cases this March and another in April.

Apple publicly released Tiger on April 29.

Most of the details of the settlement were not made public. However, according to a proposed order by Apple's lawyers, Schwartzstein is prohibited from possessing any confidential Apple information or from sharing any confidential data he may have learned through the Apple developer group.

The proposed order was posted to enthusiast site DrunkenBlog, which noted the deal on Wednesday.