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Apple settles with another alleged Tiger leaker

Mac maker reaches deal with second of three men accused of posting developer copies of OS X release on file-sharing sites.

Apple Computer has reached a settlement with a second man it had accused of leaking prerelease versions of Mac OS X Tiger onto the Internet.

An Apple representative confirmed Tuesday that it has settled with Vivek Sambhara, one of three men the company sued in December for allegedly posting developer copies of Tiger onto file-sharing sites.

Last month Apple settled with Doug Steigerwald, a recent college graduate who admitted leaking a developer copy of Tiger onto a file-sharing site. Apple still has a case pending against a third man.

"Apple has settled out of court with another student who participated in the distribution of Mac OS X Tiger on a file-swapping Web site," an Apple representative told CNET "Vivek Sambhara has accepted responsibility for his actions and Apple is pleased to put another part of this case behind us."

The settlement was reported earlier Tuesday on Drunkenblog, which posted court documents related to the case.

According to those documents, Sambhara would be required to return to Apple any information he got as part of his membership in the company's Apple Developer Connection and an injunction was ordered preventing him from possessing or communicating any proprietary Apple information. The complete terms of the deal were part of a settlement agreement that has not been made public.

Apple declined to say whether Sambhara paid any money to the company or otherwise comment on the terms of the agreement. A lawyer for Sambhara did not immediately return calls seeking comment.