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Apple sells out of iPhone 7 Plus, dismisses rumors of buying Tidal

Don't count on finding an iPhone 7 Plus or a jet-black iPhone 7 in stores when the phone launches Friday. Meanwhile, Apple downplays talk of it buying rival music service Tidal, just as Pandora adds new perks for subscribers.

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Bad news for anyone waiting in line at an Apple Store for a new iPhone. The larger iPhone 7 Plus is sold out from preorder sales, and Apple is alerting customers that there will be none to buy in stores when it lands on Friday. Also sold out is the iPhone 7 in the jet-black color. But there's no need to pity those who have been waiting for days, as I explain in today's CNET Update report.

In other Apple news, the company updated the look of its music service within iTunes, while it also is dismissing reports that it's trying to buy rival streaming service Tidal. Meanwhile, Pandora is making moves to better challenge Apple Music and Spotify. Pandora added new features to its free streams and to its $5 subscription service, now called Pandora Plus:

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Apple sells out of iPhone 7 Plus, dismisses rumors of buying Tidal