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Apple seeks China trademark on iPad's likeness

Having nabbed the iPad name in 2012 after an intense legal struggle, Apple now wants ownership of the tablet's likeness.


Having secured the trademark for the iPad name in China last year, Apple is now going after rights over the tablet's likeness.

In a new trademark application, spotted earlier today by Patently Apple, Apple aims to trademark the likeness of the iPad, as depicted in both color and black-and-white photos. The filing shows a simple front shot of the device with a standard set of application icons, though not the sides or the back.

The move follows a short but intense legal battle with a Chinese company named Proview over the rights to the iPad moniker trademark. Proview took Apple to court, saying the electronics giant had committed fraud in the process of acquiring the iPad trademark name through its U.K. subsidiary, IP Application Development, in 2009, a year before the product debuted. The two companies later settledas part of a deal worth $60 million.

The filing comes as Apple's business in China continues to grow. The company has long made its products there but has also seen an uptick in sales from the country with the addition of its own retail stores. Apple's cellular-enabled iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad went on sale in China earlier today.