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Apple scrambling for radio rights before WWDC, report says

Apple's long-rumoured music streaming service could debut next week, mysterious sources reportedly reckon.

Apple's long-rumoured streaming radio service could make its grand debut as soon as next week, with the fruit-flavoured tech giant reportedly scrambling to finalise deals with major music labels.

Tim Cook and pals are pushing to get ink dry on the all-important contracts in time for Apple's WWDC conference next week, The New York Times reports, citing 'people briefed on the talks'.

The service is rumoured to be a bit like or Spotify's radio service, playing tunes that it thinks you'll like based on your taste.

For that to work however, Apple needs permission from the companies that own the rights to those tunes. Apple has made deals with the Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, and is still in talks with Sony Music Entertainment, the report claims.

Apple would hardly be making an original move by entering the streaming music biz', with tonnes of established rivals already pumping out digital ditties to subscribers, who require easy, on-demand access to Little Mix's How Ya Doin? and Kenny Loggin's Danger Zone.

The iPhone-maker would be hoping that its ultra-recognisable name -- and the popularity of its gadgets -- would see its own offering rocket to the top of the charts.

WWDC kicks off on Monday, where Apple is also tipped to reveal iOS 7, which is rumoured to have been treated to a Jony Ive-led redesign. Check out the features we'd like to see in the video below, and let me know what you want Apple to do next in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.

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