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Justice Department wants to overturn court ruling favoring Apple over Samsung

The law enforcement agency weighs in at the the US Supreme Court in a patent case that could cost Samsung hundreds of millions of dollars.

Josh Miller/CNET

The US Department of Justice has asked the Supreme Court to reverse an appeals court decision that ruled in favor of Apple at Samsung's expense. The case centers on smartphone patent rights and whether Samsung is on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. A jury ordered that Samsung must pay Apple to atone for patent infringements.

The Justice Department was not the only one to voice its support for Samsung. The document filed to the Supreme Court also contains a long list of interested parties including intellectual property professors, organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, American Antitrust Institute and IP Justice, along with technology heavyweights like Google, Lenovo, Motorola, Dell and Facebook.

Last week, Samsung filed its opening brief to the Supreme Court, saying that "at a minimum, a new trial is necessary."