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Apple: Samsung got 'caught' mimicking iPad

In an Australian courtroom, Apple attorneys say Samsung intentionally designed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to copy Apple's tablet.

Galaxy Tab Samsung

Samsung has been accused by Apple of intentionally designing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the Apple iPad in mind.

Presenting arguments to the New South Wales Federal Court today, Apple's lawyers alleged that Samsung has designed its Galaxy Tab 10.1 to look, feel and operate like the iPad and iPad 2 and, in this instance, has been caught in the act. Samsung will "have a go at launching a product and if they get caught out [infringing patents], they'll design around it," Apple's legal counsel said.

Apple originally took Samsung to court in Australia in August, claiming that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringed on patents used for the creation of the iPad. Samsung, for its part, claims that Apple was basing its case on the U.S. version of the device and offered up three Australian models for study, agreeing to push back the release of the device to market. Apple claims that the devices it received were hurriedly stripped of contested features in an attempt to dodge the litigation and enable the release of the product.

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