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Apple said to be mulling new focus on smart glasses

Device would link wirelessly to the user's iPhone, reports Bloomberg.

Apple is considering an expansion into the wearables market with the launch of its own line of smart glasses, Bloomberg News reported Monday.

The device would connect wirelessly to the user's iPhone, displaying images and other information to the glasses wearer, Bloomberg reported, citing unidentified people described as familiar with the matter. The device, which the story said is still in the exploration phase, might also include augmented reality, Bloomberg reported.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

While a smart-glasses play could help expand Apple's footprint in the wearables market, it's not without its pitfalls. The company is already the leading smartwatch maker, but that market is said to be in decline.

Meanwhile, the smart-glasses market is tricky. The biggest player in that sector so far has been Google with its Google Glass, but it couldn't shake a nerd factor that made the $1,500 wearable uncool. Google paused the project in January, discontinuing production of the costly prototype. The company is reportedly working on a new model that is less nerdy.