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Apple running student promotion on Monday?

If you're a student or an educator, it might be wiser to wait until next week if you were thinking about buying a new Mac.

This MacBook Air might come with a rebate for students next week, or perhaps a free iPod. CNET Networks

If you were contemplating the purchase of a new MacBook to take back to school in the fall, take the weekend to think about it.

AppleInsider thinks Apple is about to launch a new educational promotion in the coming days, perhaps as soon as Monday. The report says hefty incentives will be offered to those eligible for Apple's educational discount program, which includes students, teachers and faculty members.

Last year Apple offered a rebate on the cost of an 4GB iPod Nano to any student who purchased both a Mac and a iPod Nano or video iPod, and it . AppleInsider says this year's promotion is going to be Apple's biggest ever, but offered no details on what exactly the promotion might involve.

The current quarter, which ends in June, is a big one for Apple's K-12 educational buyers, CFO Peter Oppenheimer said on the company's last earnings call in April. But otherwise, it's generally the slowest period of the year: the real educational buying action tends to happen in the third calendar quarter of the year, when college students gear up for another year.