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Apple reversible USB cable allegedly revealed in video

Video shows someone unplugging a USB cable from an Apple computer and plugging it back in via the reverse direction.

Is this Apple's new reversible USB cable? Sonny Dickson/YouTube/screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Apple could have a reversible USB cable up its sleeves for the anticipated iPhone 6 , at least according to a video leaked by known Apple leaker Sonny Dickson.

Popping up on one of Dickson's tweets and via YouTube, the 10-second video shows what is purportedly an Apple Lightning to USB cable and its box. The video then switches to someone removing the USB cable from an Apple computer, reversing the cable, and then plugging it back in.

The video follows a claim made by Dickson on Monday that Apple has in store a new type of Lightning cable with a reversable USB connection at the other end. If true, the new cable would be an improvement over existing USB cables that require you to plug it into a computer or port in one direction, and only one direction. That limitation has always been one of the annoying aspects of the standard USB cable as users sometimes struggle and fidget to figure out which way to plug it in.

Dickson also sent other alleged evidence of the new cable to the folks at 9to5Mac. Two photos reveal the cable charging the iPhone via both directions, while a video shows the USB cable being removed from an iPhone and then reinserted in the reverse direction to continue charging the phone.

Apple declined to comment on the videos.

The new cable will reportedly be included with the iPhone 6, which is expected to be unveiled at a media event on September 9. The new iPhone itself would then likely hit the market sometime later in the month.