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Apple revamps MobileMe e-mail

The e-mail service gets a face-lift. Find My iPhone feature is now available as an app.

MobileMe Mail

Apple made some changes to its MobileMe service Friday.

The MobileMe Mail service that was in betafor a little over a month is now available to all members. Mail at now has widescreen and compact views, mail organization rules, single-click archiving, a formatting toolbar, SSL protection, and better junk mail protection. You can also use MobileMe to read mail from your other e-mail addresses now, according to Apple.

The service is only supported in Safari, Firefox, and IE8, and not in Chrome or Opera.

Apple isn't known for its Web services prowess, and still charges $99 for what is essentially free on other services, with the exception of Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe. There wasa rumor earlier this year that the entire service would be offered for free, but at least for now, it appears Apple is sticking with charging for it.

As of Friday, Find My iPhone, the service that helps owners track down the device's location if it's lost, is available as a free application in the App Store for MobileMe subscribers. So Find My iPhone can also function as "Find my iPod Touch" or "Find my iPad" too.

This story was corrected at 11:15 a.m. PDT to reflect that MobileMe mail is supported in IE8.