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Apple retail chief offers a pep talk to his troops

John Browett talks up Apple's fiscal Q1 as "really fun and exciting," and offers the hint that a "number of improvements" are on the way.

John Browett (new apple retail VP) and Steve Cano Surveying the line. Josh Lowensohn/CNET
Apple retail head John Browett offered reassurance to store employees Sunday night following recent concerns within the ranks about store cutbacks, including reduced work hours and layoffs.

"You will see a number of improvements which are coming through which are going to make it better for the customer, easier for you to do your jobs and that's what my job is all about," Browett said, according to an audio recording of his address during Apple's quarterly meeting for every Apple Store. The audio was obtained by 9to5 Mac.

Browett, who became Apple's senior vp of retail five months ago, was recently reported to have admitted that Apple "messed up" when it introduced a new systems that reduced working hours for certain employees and left certain Apple stores understaffed. He subsequently reassured concerned employees that no layoffs were planned and that Apple was still hiring new workers.

In his chat, Browett didn't directly address that issue, though he did offer his troops a pep talk.

"I am truly amazed and impressed by the fantastic service that I see in every store every day. It's an incredible achievement," Browett said. He added that Apple was "far and away the best service-based retailer in the world and you can see it in the stores. It's just incredibly impressive."

"It's all about our people and their delivery of that service. When I'll be watching people resolving problems in the family room, or selling people their very first Apple device, it's all done with such a great sense of service and purpose. It's just fantastic."