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Apple reportedly recrafting retail store jobs

One of the new purported positions would take some of the load off the Genius Bar crew, thereby cutting the wait time for customers.

Apple may be shaking up the roles for its retail staff.

James Martin/CNET

Apple may be overhauling its retail store staff positions, a move that could benefit both shoppers and product owners.

The iPhone maker is adding three new job titles to its retail staff, the MacRumors blog reported Sunday, citing multiple retail sources. New so-called Pro positions will focus on explaining Apple products to customers. Creative Pros will aim more for teaching customers than trying to sell them stuff. And Technical Experts will take on some of the tasks previously handled by the folks behind the Genius Bar.

Employees who become Technical Experts will be able to repair mobile products, a mission previously confined to Geniuses. Technical Experts will also be able to tackle the troubleshooting of hardware and software, the objective being to reduce the amount of work given to Geniuses.

Apple relies on its retail stores for both hawking products and offering technical support. But the stores are popular and can get crowded with people looking for help. According to MacRumors, the goal behind the new positions is to eliminate some of the heavy traffic, reducing the time customers must wait.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.