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Apple making new Mac Pros in China instead of US, report says

The news comes after the company was looking to move iPhone production away from China.


Apple CEO Tim Cook checks out the new Mac Pro, which reportedly will now be made in China.

James Martin/CNET

Apple's new Mac Pro debuted during this year's WWDC confab for developers. Though its cheese grater grill and $999 stand didn't win over everyone in the audience, fans did like the return of a traditional computer tower design with an impressive amount of power. One other big difference with the latest entry in the Mac lineup? It reportedly won't be made in America.

Apple will build the Mac Pro in China, says a Friday report in The Wall Street Journal. The Mac maker reportedly contracted Quanta Computer to make the $6,000 computer in a factory near Shanghai. The previous model of the Mac Pro from 2013 was one of the few Apple products made in the US.

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The news comes after Apple sent a letter to the Office of the United States Trade Representative saying tariffs from a US trade war with China would hurt the company's ability to compete globally. The company is also exploring the idea of moving 30% of its iPhone production out of China.

Apple and Quanta Computer didn't immediately reply to requests for comment.