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Apple reportedly preps in-store demo of iPhone 5S Touch ID

The demo will let shoppers in Apple stores and carrier outlets try out the new Touch ID scanner, says 9to5Mac.

Apple's new Touch ID fingerprint scanner.
Apple's new Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Apple

Apple customers curious about the new fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S will be able to check one out in the flesh, according to 9to5Mac.

Citing information from unspecified sources, the blog site said Monday that a special demo application will be available on iPhone 5S floor models starting September 20.

Those of you shopping at Apple stores and iPhone 5S carrier outlets will be able to set up a 5S phone to recognize your own fingerprint. You'll then be directed to place the same finger on the Home button to confirm that the recognition worked. Finally, you'll be asked to place a different finger on the Home button to see how the scanner refuses an unrecognized fingerprint. The app then gets reset so that new customers can give it a whirl (or whorl, if you prefer).

The Touch ID scanner can be used to unlock the 5S, thereby allowing downloads through iTunes and the App Store without you having to enter a password. The scanner can read and store up to five different fingerprints.

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