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Apple reportedly mulled buying Time Warner to boost media offering

The deal was considered, but did not progress far, reports the Financial Times.


Apple has existing deals with Time Warner-owned HBO.


Apple reportedly considered buying major media company Time Warner last year in a bid to enhance its own media offering.

Eddy Cue, an Apple senior vice president, broached the idea with Time Warner's head of corporate strategy, according to the Financial Times, which cited three people briefed on the matter in a report on Thursday.

Time Warner, which owns HBO, CNN and Warner Brothers, was meeting with Apple in order to discuss the inclusion of the media company's TV content in a future Apple video streaming service. Discussions never involved Apple chief executive Tim Cook and reportedly never proceeded beyond the preliminary suggestion.

Apple has been increasingly pushing into media provision over the last year, with the launch of its streaming service Apple Music and curated news.

Apple and Time Warner did not immediately respond to requests for comment.