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Apple reportedly angered by 'iGasm' ads

Naughty gadget from Ann Summers is rubbing Apple's lawyers the wrong way.

Ann Summers

Apple's legal team appears to have its panties in a twist over an unusual subject: sex toys. We all know that there are a few things that Apple likes to keep to itself. Its name, for example--remember that little Beatles spat?

Now, Macworld is reporting that Apple's not, shall we say, excited about an ad campaign for the "iGasm" from naughty-appliance manufacturer Ann Summers. (WARNING: You might not want to click on that link at the office.) It's a little $60 gadget that encourages open-minded consumers to "take your appreciation of music to a whole new level" through a vibrating add-on; we'll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Apple does have a point. The salacious "iGasm" advertisement does look more or less exactly like its easily recognized iPod ads, except that, well, there's something resembling a white earbud cord meandering down to the scantily clad nether regions of the female silhouette depicted.

The promotions, consequently, are rubbing Apple's lawyers the wrong way. They're allegedly demanding that Ann Summers strip down all ads for the iGasm or face legal action.

According to the Brit tabloid News of the World, Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold's response was, "Perhaps I can send them an iGasm to put a smile back on their faces!" CNET has been unable to verify that statement.