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Apple removes reference to other phones on iPhone 4 antenna page

Apple has taken down videos from its Web site that demonstrated antenna problems on rival handsets

Apple has taken down videos from its US Web site that demonstrated antenna problems on rival handsets.

Apple last month released a gallery and video demonstrating the signal problems occuring on a BlackBerry Bold 9700 and a HTC Droid Eris (among others), in response to criticism of the iPhone 4's 'Death Grip' antenna problems. Many industry watchers were not convinced, however, and HTC and BlackBerry-makers RIM were angered by Apple's attempt to draw attention away from the iPhone's issues at their expense.

Without a word, Apple has now removed the video from its US and UK sites -- all that's left is a demonstration of its massively expensive antenna-testing lab. There's no mention of any other phones. It remains to be seen if Apple will continue to stick to this story, make another excuse or simply admit it made a mistake. We won't bet on the latter.

Almost immediately after the release of Apple's flagship smart phone's fourth generation, reports started coming in of what would later become known as the iPhone 4 'Death Grip'. When held by the antenna bar around the edge of the device, the signal bars dropped faster than a paranoid ex-soldier surprised by some feisty popcorn.