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Tech Industry

Apple removes Papermaster bio from Web site

It seems Apple has responded to the court wrangling over former IBM executive Mark Papermaster, who accepted a job running Apple's iPhone group last month.

Apple has removed the biography of its future iPhone leader from the company Web site.

You can still find Apple's press release from last week announcing the hiring of Mark Papermaster on the site, but the brief bio once posted among those of Apple's other senior executives disappeared Monday. It's visible through the magic of Google's caching technology, should you want a look.

An Apple representative did not immediately return a call seeking comment as to why Papermaster's bio was pulled, but this in all likelihood is the result of the preliminary injunction preventing Papermaster from starting work at Apple. His former employer, IBM, is suing Papermaster in federal court in New York for violating the terms of a noncompete agreement, and the judge overseeing the case ordered Papermaster not to report for his first day running Apple's iPhone and iPod group.