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Apple removes boy genius ads from the Web

Having taken them off TV -- claiming this had always been planned -- Apple now removes its oddly derided boy genius ads from the Web.

Apple Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

And so the mob appears to have had its way.

Apple's boy genius ads -- the ones that revealed the startling truth than some men in their 40s can't even use Apple's simple software -- have been entirely removed from public view.

The ads, which debuted on TV during the Olympics, were removed from ad breaks in what seemed to be some haste, though they remained on Apple's YouTube Channel.

At the time, Apple's ad agency insisted that no, no, this was the plan all along, scout's honor, cross-our-hearts.

And yet the slightly insane outcry against these ads seems to have dispatched them to the permanent dungeons of art.

As MacRumors reports, these maligned little mutts are now gone from Apple's YouTube Channel and even from the company's own marketing page.

Some might suggest this is just the natural way of things. Sadly, one can't help but imagine that Apple wants to remove even the potential of any bad taste before launching its new iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iPad Galaxy Note. (Oh, you haven't heard about the last one?)

While these ads seem to have upset a certain section of the Apple community, it doesn't mean that the strategy won't continue.

The Genius bars are one very significant advantage of being an Apple owner. It would not be surprising if Apple found a new way to turn its boy geniuses into filmic heroes.