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Apple releases Snow Leopard font update

Apple has released an update that addresses font-handling problems users were experiencing in the latest OS X 10.6.7 release.

Apple has released an update for OS X that addresses font-rendering problems that cropped up for users who had upgraded to OS X 10.6.7. We initially reported on this issue in late March, where a number of people who had upgraded to OS X 10.6.7 were not able to read PDFs that were created in the latest version of the Mac OS. The issue was narrowed to how OS X was managing OpenType PostScript fonts.

If you check Software Update from within OS X 10.6.7 you should be able to apply the update there; however, you can also download it from the update's Web page (it is 3.77MB in size). Be sure that even if you update OS X by installing the latest Combo updater, that you apply this patch to fix the font problems.

The update released today addresses this issue, and includes fixes that:

  • Address an issue in which some OpenType fonts don't display correctly in certain applications
  • Resolve issues printing from Preview
  • Address an issue with PDF files not opening in third-party PDF-viewing applications
  • Resolve invalid font errors when printing to PostScript printers

If you have been waiting to upgrade to OS X 10.6.7 or have downgraded your Mac to the previous version as a result of the font-handling issue, you should be able to now update it and properly print and manage fonts.

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