Apple releases PowerBook (15") Battery Update 1.0

Apple releases PowerBook (15") Battery Update 1.0


Apple has released Battery Updater 1.0 for 15" PowerBook G4s through Software Update. The company says the update improves the performance of batteries that may develop short run times.

The update process will take about 15 minutes and must not be interrupted.

The PowerBook G4 Battery Updater is installed in Applications/Utilities after downloading the package, and must be installed from that location.

Apple says:

"During the update process your PowerBook G4 needs to be running, the power adapter must be plugged into a working power source and the battery should not be removed. Your battery will appear to have no charge and will not power your computer until the update process has been completed."

This updater is currently only available for download through Apple's built-in Software Update; it has not been posted on Apple's support site as yet.

If you are having problems after applying this update, please drop us a line at

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