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Apple releases Mac Pro EFI firmware update 1.5

Apple has released a firmware update for Mid 2010 Mac Pro systems, so if you have problems with firmware password prompts not showing or the Boot Picker not being presented, then you may want to apply this update.

Apple has released an update for the firmware on Mid 2010 Mac Pro models. The update addresses issues that prevented the firmware password prompt from being displayed when a firmware password was enabled and corrects a problem where the Boot Picker would not be presented when connected to a network that did not use DHCP.

The update is a 1.96MB download and requires OS X 10.6.4 to install. It should be available via Software Update for your system, but if not then you can download it from the following Web page:

Mac Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.5

In order to install the update, wait for it to download and install, and then follow these instructions:

  1. Shut down your Mac
  2. Hold the power button until the power light flashes or you hear a tone
  3. Release the power button

The computer will display a progress bar as the firmware is updated, and during this time it is important that you do not unplug the system or otherwise disrupt power to it, as this may damage the system and prevent it from booting.

Along with this update, Apple has released a Firmware Restoration CD, which can be used to restore the firmware of the Mac Pro to a previous version if the current update causes issues. If the computer's firmware update has been interrupted and the computer will not boot properly, you can try to use this CD to fix the problem.

Important: Be sure to download and burn this CD image to disc (CD or DVD), and either print out or understand the restoration process before applying the new firmware update to your Mac Pro. Firmware restore CD images are between 20MB and 25MB in size.

The restoration CD image and information on how to use it can be found at Apple's Firmware Restoration CD Web page.

Do you need this update?

While this update fixes problems with the firmware passwords and boot menus, if you do not use these features, then you do not need to apply this update. So far, there is no other software that requires this firmware revision to be installed, so if you are at all concerned about any unknown adverse effects from the new firmware (none are expected, but there is always a possibility for error) then you do not need to install this update. Any future updates will always have these fixes in them, and you can apply this current update at any time.