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Apple releases iOS 12.2 with Apple News Plus and support for new AirPods

The newest version of iOS gives you Apple's new subscription news service, a warthog emoji and more.


Apple News Plus arrives on iOS 12.2, along with support for new AirPods.

This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

Monday's Apple event introduced TV and services, but alongside it came a new version of iOS, too.

iOS 12.2, available for iPhones and iPads, introduces some key features: it brings Apple's new subscription news service, Apple News Plus, which is only available in the US and Canada for now.

iOS 12.2 is also necessary to set up the imminently arriving "Hey Siri"-enabled new AirPods, and includes support for the Logitech Crayon on Apple's iPad Pros and other iPad models. There are new emoji (hello owl, warthog, shark). iOS 12.2 also introduces iPhone/iPad support for AirPlay and HomeKit via new enabled non-Apple TVs and devices.

Other features:

  • New dedicated TV controls in Control Center and Lock Screen, and improved AirPlay controls
  • Siri support for playing movies or shows on Apple TV, using your iPhone or iPad

The update's features were pretty well-known since the iOS version became available as a beta for developers.