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Apple releases fix for unresponsive iPhone X screens

The iOS update comes less than two weeks after users complained theirs screens didn't recognize input in chilly temps.


Apple has released a software fix for a bug that makes some iPhone X screens unresponsive in cooler weather.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Apple on Thursday released an iOS update to address complaints that the iPhone X's screen becomes unresponsive in cold weather.

Apple recommends operating its iOS devices in temperatures between 32 degrees and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0 degrees and 35 degrees Celsius). But some Reddit users said they experienced an unresponsive screen within that range.

iOS 11.1.2 was released less than two weeks after some iPhone X users complained that their handsets didn't recognize input on the touchscreen when exposed to cool outdoor temperatures. Apple had called the phone's susceptibility to chilly conditions a temporary issue and promised to release a software update to fix it.

The update, which is also for the iPad, addresses another problem: distortion in Live Photos and videos captured with the iPhone X.

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