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Apple releases dozens of Tiger, Leopard security updates

Time to download patches again if you're a Mac OS X user. This time there are 31 security-related fixes for both Mac OS X versions 10.4 and 10.5.

It's download time again for Mac OS X users, as 31 new security-related fixes for both Tiger and Leopard were made available by Apple Monday afternoon.

The security patches are mostly geared for users of Mac OS X 10.4, known as Tiger, but there's a bunch as well for version 10.5, known as Leopard. They should be automatically pushed to Mac users through the Software Update function, but you can also go to Apple's Web site and download the patches.

A number of serious vulnerabilities, such as ones that could lead to a malicious attack on your system, are fixed with the latest update. This includes several flaws that could lead to a remote attacker executing malicious code on a Mac in programs like Address Book, the Safari browser's RSS feed, and CUPS (common Unix printing system), among other things.

Apple updated QuickTime last week in order to fix an important flaw in that program. As part of Monday's patches, Apple also shipped a patch for Windows users of Safari that was addressed for Mac users as part of the larger series of patches.