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Apple releases something quite beautiful

Technically Incorrect: A new ad to celebrate the Euro 2016 European soccer championship, which starts Friday, manages to move. Well, move me at least.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

I remember this.

Apple UK; YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

These days, Apple's ads are pleasant enough.

You don't talk about them like you used to, though.

Times have changed. Apple has aged. It's not a simple company anymore.

Soccer, though, is simple. It's one of the most elemental sports there is. And Friday sees the start of the Euro 2016 European soccer championship in France.

This may not matter to you. You might be more interested in the US' fate in the Copa América, currently occurring on these shores.

Apple's UK arm, however, released an ad on Thursday that very simply reminds you how important soccer is to the world. Well, most of the world.

It's part of the company's "Shot on iPhone" series, one that features photographs taken by iPhone owners. Oddly, it hasn't yet included Tim Cook's own sports photography.

In Europe, people play soccer in the cold and the wet.

The field can be made of grass, concrete or just bare earth. The goalposts can be sticks, sweaters or chalk lines on walls.

The game is one of the only things left that actually brings people together in a peculiarly respectful harmony.

This ad evokes the struggle, the pain and the love of a game that's as natural as it is glorious.

Apple's homage to the world's sport expresses everything that Apple struggles to maintain: beauty and simplicity.