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Apple refunding iTunes users who bought 'Breaking Bad' Season Pass

The company is refunding early buyers of the "final" season of the show, which was split up by AMC into two halves -- the latter of which early buyers didn't get.


Apple is issuing a credit to people who bought the iTunes Season Pass for the final season of AMC's Emmy-award winning television series "Breaking Bad."

That season was supposed to include 16 episodes, but it was split into two halves by AMC, with each half made up of 8 episodes.

The split was the subject of a lawsuit filed against Apple earlier this month, accusing the company of false advertising.

As a result, Apple on Monday began offering a full refund -- in the form of a $23 iTunes credit -- to customers who had purchased the original Season Pass. The recipients of the credit can use it to buy the second half of the season, or other items in Apple's various digital stores. Apple also included a note of apology.

(Via 9to5Mac)