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Apple re-posts Security Update 2005-003 (1.1) for Mac OS X Server

Apple re-posts Security Update 2005-003 (1.1) for Mac OS X Server

As reported here last week, Apple posted, then pulled (within 48 hours) the 2005-003 Security Update for Mac OS X Server due to some serious issues with the Cyrus mail service component and other problems.

The update has now been re-posted, labeled as Security Update 2005-003 1.1, and is available as a 32 MB download from Apple's Web site.

The new release is obviously aimed at resolving the previously apparent issues, but if you are still having problems, please let us know.

UPDATE: We've received reports from a handful of early adopters of the new release indicating that it does indeed solve many of the issues introduced by the first iteration.

MacFixIt reader Joseph Boykin writes:

"Given that the (first 2005-003) update totally messed up e-mail for me, I installed the update without waiting to see what other opinions were.

"The good news is that everything seems to be working (only 20 minutes of use/testing though). Email (APOP) works again, as well as other security related services."

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