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Apple pushes iTunes for Valentine's Day (podcast)

Apple is promoting the modern-day equivalent of those romantic mix tapes by using iTunes to send songs or gift cards.

Graphic from iTunes' Valentine's Day section Apple

For decades people have been making mix tapes for their love interests. There was a time when that meant gathering up all your favorite CDs or vinyl albums to make a tape, but now it's easy to create a playlist in iTunes or any other music player.

This Valentine's Day, Apple is making it even easier. The company has a section on iTunes where you can purchase albums or collections of love songs for setting that special mood.

In a recorded interview, Alex Luke, Apple's director of programming and label relations, explains how you can give the gift of music whether it's a gift card, an album, or a custom playlist of special songs.

As you would expect, Luke doesn't recommend that you make a CD or give away files from your collection without purchasing a copy for your loved one. "The music you buy on iTunes is for personal use and when you gift it, you're gifting a copy for personal use so that's really the experience we're working to build."


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