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Apple pulls 4G claims for new iPad following complaints

Apple has changed how it describes its new iPad following a string of complaints about false advertising.

Apple has dropped all mentions of 4G from its new iPad. Previously billed as 'Wi-Fi + 4G', the new iPad is now described as 'Wi-Fi + Cellular'. Head over to the Apple site and you can see for yourself.

This follows a barrage of complaints about how the tablet is described. While technically capable of connecting to LTE bands, it only uses the ones in the US and Canada, not in Europe. That didn't stop Apple from marketing the device as '4G' over here and in the States. Until now.

Apple got the most flack over the claims in Australia, where the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission tried to fine the Cupertino company, as well as correct the claims and even ban it selling the device. Apple subsequently offered refunds to disgruntled customers.

Here in Blighty, Apple came under fire too. The Advertising Standards Authority received 24 complaints that the marketing was misleading. The last we heard, it was considering investigating the claims.

A source told the Financial Times that Apple ignored warnings over 4G claims. "It was an issue as marketing materials had references to Wi-Fi and 4G," the source at a leading mobile operator said.

"We asked them to change it and pushed back relatively hard on the 4G stuff. They normally tell us what to say and when, which is fine as they know their business, but suddenly they talk about the network and it went all wrong. The 4G references are going."

4G networks are still a way off in this country. And to cap it all, Blighty didn't fare very well at all in our international speed test for the new iPad, which makes those 4G claims all the more bitter a pill to swallow.

It's rare that Apple admits it's wrong, but it looks like it had no choice in this case. Were you misled by the 4G claims? And should Apple be penalised? Let me know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.