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Apple preps shoppers for Black Friday

The company jumps on the very large bandwagon to offer discounts on some products starting at midnight Friday.


Apple will join the countless number of retailers looking to score some cash on Black Friday.

The company on Tuesday sent out e-mails and published a page on its site teasing its Black Friday "shopping event." Apple didn't say what kind of deals it plans to offer customers.

If history is to be our guide, Apple's Black Friday event should offer discounted pricing on everything from Macs to iPads. The company's discounts usually aren't major, with Apple typically sticking to around $101 off Macs and $41 to $61 off iPads.

As in previous years, Apple's deals are being offered only on Black Friday. Online shoppers will get access to the discounts starting at midnight on Black Friday. Apple's retail stores will also offer the discounts for that day.