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Apple posts beautiful Beatles animated video

A new ad promoting the Fab Four's music on iTunes is a beautiful combination of classic Beatles imagery and creative animation. Whether or not you ever buy any of their songs through Apple, it's worth a watch.

One frame from the beautiful new Beatles video Apple posted Friday. Screenshot by CNET

It's true that the Beatles have been on iTunes for some time, but on Friday, Apple paid proper tribute to the Fab Four with a gorgeous animated new ad.

Posted late this afternoon on, the video takes viewers on a fast-pased nostalgic trip through the Beatles catalog, all to the sounds of "Magical Mystery Tour." It's a treat of clever animation, blended imagery, and good old fashioned fun.

It's not clear exactly why Apple posted this today, since there's no clues about anything new. But since the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" e-book just went on sale, I'm guessing that's the reason.

Either way, the video is well worth watching. You can't possibly come away from it without a big grin.