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You'll have to wait for Venmo-type Apple payments

iPhone and iPad users can get iOS 11 on Tuesday. But the peer-to-peer Apple Pay feature won't come until later this fall.


You'll have to wait till later this fall to send Mom cash via iMessage.

Apple Inc.

You'll need to wait a bit longer to borrow money from your friends on iMessage.

Tuesday is the release day for Apple's new mobile operating system, iOS 11. But its new Venmo-style peer-to-peer Apple Pay feature won't be a part of the release.

The new feature lets you send payments to friends or anyone else in your contacts list via iMessage or Siri on the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. In June, Apple said the new feature would be "coming this fall," first to US users. But as MacRumors points out, an Apple Newsroom post Monday makes it clear the feature won't be part of the iOS 11 launch.

Apple confirmed the feature isn't delayed, and was always planned as a later update to iOS 11. The company followed a similar pattern with the launch of Apple Pay in 2015. Apple Pay was announced in September 2015 but launched with an October update to iOS 8.

Plenty of other mobile payment apps exist to transfer money to friends, like PayPal and Venmo. But Apple Pay's tight integration with the rest of the company's software ecosystem could make it the most seamless solution for Apple users.