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Apple Pay Cash rolls out alongside peer-to-peer payments

Now you can repay your friends -- and vice versa -- via iMessage on your iPhone. Any money you get then goes on an Apple Pay Cash card on your iOS device.


Apple Pay Cash is now available for iOS device owners in the US. 

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Apple wants to make it easier for you to use your phone instead of your wallet when it comes to treating your friends and family or paying them back when you owe them.

The tech giant on Tuesday rolled out its peer-to-peer payments system, which enables iPhone owners in the US to exchange money within iMessage, or by asking Siri to pay someone. The rollout had been expected next week.

The Venmo-style service uses the credit or debit cards you already have in Apple Pay. When you receive money, it's then added to an Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet app. You can then use it to make purchases online and in stores or pay someone back, or you can transfer the money to your bank account.

To use the service, iOS device owners will need to update to iOS 11.2. Restart your device if you'd already installed the update. Apple Watch users will need to update to watchOS 4.2.