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iPhone 8 screen, Touch ID changes hinted at in new patents

Rumors about new features on the upcoming iPhone get some support from two new Apple patents.

A new iPhone 8 render from @OnLeaks

One of the new iPhone 8 renders, showing an edge-to-edge display, rounded edges and, ostensibly, a virtual home button.


Speculation about the newest iPhone is never in short supply, and a pair of new patents just added more fuel to the rumor fire.

In a wave of Apple patents published by the US Patent and Trademark Office Tuesday, and spotted by Patently Apple, two could potentially relate to the iPhone 8, which is expected later this year.

The first is for an edge-to-edge display, and describes how a flat screen can wrap around the edge of a device to maximize the areas devoted to display and touch sensitivity. It jibes with numerous rumors that point to the iPhone 8 having a wraparound, OLED-based display, such as a Bloomberg report in April.

The second relates to embedding Apple's biometric fingerprint reader technology, Touch ID, behind the display itself rather than inside the Home button, where it is now. It bolsters previous reports about Apple having issues with the new placement.

Apple's representative had no comment.