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Apple patent filing might be iPhone 2.0

A recently revealed Apple patent filing shows how the company might put an iPhone-like interface on an iPod Nano-size player.

The iPhone isn't even here yet, but a newly revealed patent filing could shed light on Apple's next move.

The filing--which we noticed on Unwired View directed by Crunchgear--shows what an iPod Nano would look like with a touch screen on the back of the player. The touch screen interface looks quite a bit like the iPhone, with a QWERTY keyboard and phone pad dialer as options that can be brought to the surface, suggesting that the next iPhone might be smaller and thinner than the current plan.

Apple patent filings (check out the headache-inducing wording used by patent authors here) don't necessarily reflect eventual products, but often provide a decent glimpse of what Apple is kicking around Cupertino, since the company sure doesn't say much. Phone-related patents have cropped up several times in the recent past, with speculation about a coming soon to an Apple store near you.