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See the 'Apple Park' spaceship campus get finishing touches

The wild new craft that's landed in Cupertino isn't unidentified, but we're still holding out hope that it might be able to transform into a flying object.

Apple's new home, the massive, spaceship-shaped "Apple Park," has slowly been coming together in Cupertino, California, the past few years, and the drones have been there to capture its rise.

Now that the new Apple campus is almost complete, drone photographer and YouTuber Matthew Roberts has put together a retrospective recap of the final year of the construction process. You can see the main spaceship building undergoing the final stages of transformation from the skeleton of a corporate UFO to something more finished that looks like it might actually lift off at any moment.

Solar panels are in place, landscaping is underway and the campus has a certain shiny simplicity that's so on brand.

You can also see the nearby auditorium coming together where products will be launched, and the separate research and development facility looks essentially complete at this point. Perhaps the most bizarre measure of progress is the massive mountain of dirt that has slowly shrunk to almost nothing as things get covered up and finishing touches are added to the grounds.

As CNET reported earlier, and as a number of cars in the parking lots seem to indicate, the era of this otherworldly new Apple home may have already arrived.