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Apple OS X: You say OS Ten, I say OS Eks

Pronouncing OS X

I long ago resigned myself to the fact that I will never write about an Apple product without receiving at least one critical reader e-mail. That said, I was surprised at the consistency with which people were irritated by our video of Psystar's Open Computer, wherein I refer to its illicitly-installed Apple operating system as "OS Eks."

In the video of the un-boxing there was one glaring annoyance. OS X is pronounced OS TEN, not X. If you need proof of this, use a Mac system, turn on Text to Speech and type OS X. The system will tell you what it's name is. I know this has nothing to do with Psystar and it's computer but if you are going to review a product at least know what you are talking about. - Eric Mason, via reader comments in the Psystar review.

It's pronounced "Oh-Ess-Ten" or "Mack Oh-Ess-Ten". There were nine before it, and its the tenth one. It's a roman numeral. X = 10. Not "Oh-Ess-Ex or "Oss-Ex" or "Oscks-ggnnnnhhh Pbthth" - LeoP, via e-mail

correction: OS X is pronounced O S Ten not "eks" - Lituus Limacon, via e-mail

And so on.

Those readers are technically correct. The most recent version of Apple's operating system is 10.5.2. And OS X in general is the follow-on to Apple's previous Mac OS software, which had versions 1 through 9. And yes, I understand that "X" is the Roman numeral for the number 10, and if I had thought about it that day for five seconds I might have referred to it as such in the video.

But you'll find no mea culpa here. I admit I was tempted to write a "man, that was silly of me" post and make some lame attempt at getting people to talk about it.

Too easy.

Nope, instead I'm going proactive. I'm going to be the JIF to your GIF, the EARL to your URL, and the DUB-DUB-DUB to your WWW. It's "OS Eks" from here on out (thanks for the spelling, Lituus) in all future recorded CNET programming where I'm compelled to say the name. I even registered the domain (The Official OS-Eks Blog, coming soon). Consider it payback for years of, shall we say, "enthusiastic" Apple fan e-mail (despite this relatively benign batch).

You can rant for 10 pages about how I'm an idiot for saying the iMac had two FireWire 800 ports (since corrected), but this one? This one is mine.