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Apple orders 15 million iPhone 5 units

Apple's placed an order for 15 million iPhone 5 units, with the much-anticipated mobile expected to start shipping in September. Rumours suggest it won't be a radical refresh.

Apple has placed an order for a monster 15 million iPhone 5s, and is on track to start shipping the hotly anticipated handset in September, according to DigiTimes.

Needless to say, Apple hasn't issued an official statement regarding the newest iteration of the iPhone -- we don't even know what it's going to be called officially. But Taiwan-based tech manufacturer and proud owner of an excellent company name Pegatron has won the contract to build the phones, taking the massive order from the House of Jobs.

DigiTimes' sources said that the iPhone 5 would be largely similar to the iPhone 4, which means it could be officially named the iPhone 4S, in keeping with past iPhone naming conventions.

If true, that's rather disappointing -- we're keeping our fingers crossed for a radically revamped iPhone, just to mix things up. Still, DigiTimes' report matches other whisperings we've heard about the design, which is rumoured to be largely unchanged.

Fifteen million units sounds like a great deal -- and it is. Apple is traditionally a little tight on the orders to start with, and then ramps up production once its gadgets are on sale. Of course, it never hurts if Apple can say a new gadget sold out on launch day.

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