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Apple offers details on recent MobileMe update

Company digs a little deeper and provides information about a month-old update to MobileMe.

Clarification at 10:00 a.m. PDT: Details about the update have been added.

Apple has disclosed information on a recent MobileMe update, offering a glimpse at the changes and fixes it made in late September to its beleaguered service.

According to information posted Wednesday, the latest known update largely affected MobileMe e-mail and calendar features--two areas that have encountered a rash of problems since the service debuted in July in less-than-perfect shape.

Apple apparently wanted to specifically point out its efforts to improve the service. "Since server-side updates are a bit more innocuous than a standard software update to Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, it's easy not to notice that updates are occurring. Usually the only hint of these updates is that things just 'work better,'" Apple said on the update page.

The changes aim to improve the performance of its MobileMe e-mail when people log in, use Internet Explorer 7, and enable their junk-mail filter. The company also issued fixes to address problems when people "reply to all," use keyboard shortcuts, and add contacts.

Calendar enhancements include improving performance when switching views in Mozilla Firefox 3 and when dealing with a large number of "to do" items.

Other changes were also made to MobileMe Account, such as increasing the accuracy of the MobileMe data transfer details and enhancing the storage allocation menu for family pack sub-accounts.

About a month ago, Apple similarly released details on a mid-September update to MobileMe.