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Tech Industry

Apple offering price breaks for college students

Promotion launched Tuesday offers college students and teachers of any grade a free iPod Touch with purchase of new Mac, plus educational pricing.

School isn't quite out yet for most students, but Apple is already looking ahead to next year. The company is giving college students a break on some of its products as the planning begins for 2011.


A new promotion launched on Tuesday will give students, teachers of any grade, and parents shopping for their college-bound kids the opportunity to purchase a new Mac and get a free iPod Touch. In addition to the free iPod, students can also get educational pricing on the Mac, so there is a little savings there too.

Qualifying computers include the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro. Build-to-order configurations of these models also qualify, but refurbished Macs are not eligible, according to the rules and conditions (PDF) posted on Apple's Web site.

While the offer specifically lists the iPod Touch, you can choose any iPod you want up to $199.

The offer runs from today until September 7, 2010.