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Apple offering free shipping until December 22

Apple is kicking off the holiday season by offering free shipping on all online orders in the U.S. until the Thursday before Christmas.

Screenshot by CNET

Holiday shoppers looking to grab some items from Apple can enjoy free shipping on all online orders until December 22.

To ring in the holidays, Apple is offering the free shipping on any product ordered through its online Apple store or through its Apple Store iOS app. Apple normally provides free shipping only on online orders of more than $50. So the new promotion gives shoppers incentive to buy less pricey stocking stuffers or to pick up multiple items throughout the holiday season.

Last-minute shoppers who need their items delivered quickly can also opt for two-day shipping for $10 or one-day delivery for $16.

Apple is even serving up a holiday gift guide on its Web site to steer potential buyers to a variety of items and accessories. In addition, the company is offering gift wrapping and engraving on certain products such as iPads and iPods.

Apple also served up some bargains last week on Black Friday by offering Macs, iPads, iPods, and other items at discount prices. That strategy apparently paid off since the company reportedly took in four times the number of sales that it typically brings in on a Friday.