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Apple now selling space gray accessories separately from iMac Pro

But you'll still have to pay a little bit more for that space gray mouse, keyboard or trackpad.


Apple is selling space gray accessories separately from its $5,000 iMac Pro.


If you wanted that sleek space gray mouse, keyboard or trackpad but didn't want to shell out $5,000 for a high-end iMac, then you're in luck.

Apple on Tuesday began selling those accessories on its website. Previously, you could get them only when you bought the iMac Pro. TechCrunch earlier spotted the new availability.

There's a catch, though. You'll still have to pay more to get your space gray fix. A Magic Mouse 2 in that color costs $99, while a silver one costs $79. The space gray Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard both cost $20 more too.

The new availability comes as Apple made several announcements at an event in Chicago on Tuesday focused on education. That includes new iPads and several apps and programs aimed at getting teachers and students to use Apple devices in the classroom.