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Apple news roundup: iPad Mini, new Macs

The iPad Mini is real, Apple surprises with a fourth-generation iPad, and the iMac gets a makeover. Bridget Carey breaks down Apple's big news in less than three minutes.

Tuesday's CNET Update has the breakdown of Apple's new hardware:

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Apple shook up the tablet world (again) by revealing the iPad Mini at its press conference Tuesday. Apple also announced a new full-sized iPad and upgrades to its Mac computers. Today's Update video sums up all the new toys, but you can find more details on each product in the links below:

- iPad Mini: Starts at $330 for a 16GB Wi-Fi version, arrives Nov. 2. Preorder Friday. (4G version starts at $460, arrives Nov. 16)

- Fourth-generation iPad: Starts at $500 for 16GB Wi-Fi version, arrives Nov. 2. Preorder Friday.

- iMac: This all-in-one desktop has a new display and faster processor. Starts at $1,300, ships in November.

- Mac Mini: Yes, there is another type of Mini. This desktop also got a chip update. Starts at $600, available now.

- 13-inch MacBook Pro: The most popular Apple laptop is thinner and lighter with a Retina Display. Starts at $1,700, available now.

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